Fall/Winter 2022

For Fall-Winter 2022, SOLID HOMME takes its first steps on the stage of Paris Fashion Week. True to its ethos¬, the brand delivers an elegant, ultramodern collection that rings both old and new, reworking the classics for the contemporary man. Informed, as always, by the Bauhaus, this season also incorporates geometric motifs found in the structural designs of Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson and Icelandic architect Einar Thorsteinn.

The silhouette is upgraded to include a semi-oversized, relaxed top fit, and slimmer pants draped over shoes that peep out from beneath button and zip slits. Classic pieces are cropped, reshaped, or cut from improved materials, while technical and casualwear are given an old-school touch with the use of vintage-esque fabrics. Said fabrics—ranging from tweed, wool twill, scratched and washed wool to bouclé and bicolour corduroy—come in earthy tones, providing a neutral base spanning most of the collection’s outerwear. Punctuating this palette are the season’s key colours of Tomato Red, Sunflower Yellow, Neon Pink, and Atlantic Blue in the form of padded accessories and innerwear.

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