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New Season

Fall - Winter 2023

An eclectic selection blending this season's highlights with timeless designs that have become synonymous with the brand.
Find the perfect gift for every occasion with Solid's gift guide.

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Essential Items for Modern Closets

Completes a free and unique silhouette with a comfortable fit for everyday life.
Meet the ready-to-wear selection with an Iconic motif.

New Arrivals

Fall/Winter 2023 New Season Collection


Work Reinterpreted In A New Way


Delicate Collection With Functionality


Men's Denim Selection in Various Shapes


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    Fall-Winter 2023 Video Collection

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    Fall-Winter 2023 Collection

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    Spring/Summer 2023 Campaign Video

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    Spring-Summer 2023 Campaign

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    New Store at The Hyundai Seoul

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    Spring/Summer 2023 Collection Video

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    Fall/Winter 2022 Campaign Video

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